Friday, December 12, 2008

Corn Dog Night

Corn Dog Night has been a tradition in this household for quite a while. Before Corn Dog Night, we had Taco Night. During the days of Taco Night, we invited friends over for beers, hanging out, and of course to indulge in vegan taco goodness. But, something happened during the transition from Taco Night to Corn Dog Night. Actually, a lot of things happened, some being that our friend who would always participate in Taco Night moved and we both got new jobs. How those things add up to Isolated Corn Dog Night, I know not. But I think it has to do with not wanting to share these buttery, delicious dogs. We often speak of reliving the Taco Night and having friends over for dinner on Fridays again, but alas, the greediness always wins, and Corn Dog Night is a battle between just us - wooden skewers fly, the last of the vegan ranch is snatched from the other's hand, arms are slapped until splotchy red trying to sneak that last dog from the communal plate.

Regardless, Corn Dog Night is not just about the corn dogs. It is about drinking, and dancing, and playing video games, and talking, and watching multiple episodes of Intervention on YouTube. Corn Dog Night is an experience. Maybe someday we'll get over our selfish ways and be social again. Oh, and the reci
pe is from We love her.

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