Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deli Style Sandwich

This is not the most extravagant dinner, but I had to do something, and fast, to get me back to my food blog. As I mentioned, I have been (and still am) writing a novel, which is slow going, but it's going. I also started Weight Watchers on November 1st with approximately nine of my co-workers. Because of the novel-writing and weight-watching, there has not been a lot of time in my life for cooking new things. But I am hoping that will change, as my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, new crockpot, and new bread baking bible and slow cooker bible are beckoning to me. And I was going to make Gobi Manchurian and onion paratha tonight, however the Gobi Manchurian is deep fried, which is not in the points (Weight Watchers points, that is) for me today. But Gobi Manchurian will be made, as well as bread, buns, pretzels, etc., and hopefully some slow cooker casserole dishes (these casserole dishes are pending Jeffrey's palate, which is not favorable in this area).

So here's a giant sandwich.
It has no Vegenaise or cheese, because that is not part of weight-watching, but has a TON of veggies, Tofurky slices, Yves ham slices, Smart Bacon strips, and spicy mustard. The buns are homemade, using a recipe from my new bread bible (which is entitled The Bread and Bread Machine Bible, and I cannot find it on the Internet to link, possibly because I found it on the discount rack at Borders).

I love making dough with my stand mixer much better than the bread machine because I have more control over the texture of the dough. I plan to make english muffins and pretzels over the weekend, if time permits.

Oh, and one last thing before I go. I've lost 12.5 pounds since starting Weight Watchers. Go me!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That sammich awesome!

  2. I too do weight watchers so definitely go you! I'm loving yours recipes and will be trying some of them soon I am sure. And just a side note...I have found some of the oddest relishes since going vegan that make lovely sandwich spreads! LOL