Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Skinny Bitch" - A Rant

I had a feeling that this would happen sometime, that I would post not a delicious vegan meal but a massively opinionated commentary on something I find totally irritating. Today, it will be the book Skinny Bitch. I have not read this book, nor do I plan to. I have read a chunk of this book online and have heard other people talk about it, but have not read the entire "manifesto," as the authors, a former model and modeling talent manager, purport. So here's my beef with Skinny Bitch. It masquerades as a book on dieting and eating well and how to be soooo skinny, however when one opens the book and begins reading, he is inundated with PETA-like information on such topics as cows being skinned alive in the slaughter line and how meat is "dead, rotting flesh." Which it is, but whatever. This not my biggest annoyance with the book, though. It's no surprise that eating well means lots of fresh fruit and veggies, grains, water and avoidance of caffeine and alcohol, among other such naughty pleasures. My biggest problem with Skinny Bitch is that the whole thing is narrated by this accusatory, negative, eating-disorder type voice that throughout the book states things like, "You need to exercise, you lazy sh*t" or "Don't be a fat pig anymore."
All right, how is THAT okay?
I can picture so clearly the minutely chubby teens that pick up this book wanting to drop five before the prom, or whatever, and all of a sudden they are being told not only that if they do not become vegan, they are awful people, but also the constant negative mantra that could easily turn into an eating disorder, or at least a significant eating issue, for already impressionable teens. Again, NOT okay.
After realizing that I was furious with the authors of Skinny Bitch, I did a little more research and read an interview with them. They completely contradict what they solicit in the book by saying in the interview, multiple times, "We are total pigs and love eating all day long. We just make better choices on what to eat." Which really means that they stuff their faces with Rice Dream instead of Dreyer's (and they probably throw it up afterward, anyway), which has the same amount of calories, fat, and sugar and will make you just as obese if you eat enough of it. There is nothing about vegan junk food that is better than omnivorous junk food. It just doesn't make sense to me.
For instance, when I fry up a huge batch of flour-and-cornstarch coated seitan and then smother it in sweet and sour sauce and my white - that's right, white, not brown - rice is glistening with the remaining oil, I do not think for one second that I am being healthy. I do not think that because it is seitan instead of chicken that it will help me lose weight. Granted, these types of meals are few are far between in this household, but I feel sorry for the people who believe the hype in Skinny Bitch and are bitterly disappointed when they don't drop 30 pounds the instant they stop drinking cow's milk. I don't think that everyone was meant to vegan and I also don't think that it's a good idea to get people to jump on that bandwagon with the idea that they will lose a bunch of weight. Speaking from experience, it doesn't always happen that way. People should make the choice to vegan or vegetarian because it suits their views, thoughts, and lifestyle. Not because you think it will help you lose massive amounts of weight.
So these people wrote a follow-up cookbook, too, the bastards. Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. Some of the recipes in this cookbook are the pinnacle of badness. Chocolate pancakes, onion rings, macaroni and cheese, hot fudge sundaes, you get the picture. But they're vegan. So they must be healthy. It is my opinion that vegan junk food is still junk food. Let me tell you, if I ate vegan chocolate pancakes and french fries all day long, I would be morbidly obese. It's all so contradictory. Baaah!

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